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  • I understand there is also a handy workbook I can download and print as an excellent resource to accompany my learning, plus the additional bonus information it contains.
  • Finally, I understand you make no promises in terms of additional productivity, revenue, or new customers; my success depends on my implementation of these proven strategies.

“Blair Singer has been one of my very best friends for over 27 years. He is a great communicator, a great teacher and a great human being. Like he says, when it comes to winning, it’s all about mastering your “Little Voice.”

– Robert Kiyosaki
Rich Dad Poor Dad, author, teacher and entrepreneur

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Better Ideas Better Ideas
Open your team members to generate new ideas with massive profit potential.
Common Language Common Language
Get everyone on the same page with strategies that will maximize team communication.
Achieve Objectives Achieve Objectives
With the right approach, you can leverage your team to achieve the seemingly impossible.
Short-Term Goals Short-Term Goals
Show your team how to focus on short-term goals to achieve more than you ever imagined.
Manage Emotions Manage Emotions
Don’t let emotions cripple your team’s productivity. I’ll show you how to manage them properly.
Measure Results Measure Results
Discover how to measure the right things to that everyone knows how to succeed together.
Talk to Champions Talk to Champions
Learn to identify and get ideas from the top performers on your team.
Accelerate Success Accelerate Success
Kick results into high gear and enjoy the fruits of rapid success.
Search for Heroes Search for Heroes
Find those who selflessly make your success a reality and highlight their efforts.
Celebrate Your Wins Celebrate Your Wins
Victory becomes a habit when you take time and celebrate each win with your team.
Be a Student Be a Student
How to continually improve yourself and your team through consistent learning.
Rinse and Repeat Rinse and Repeat
The steps to use these strategies over and over to reach higher levels of success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I access the training? How quickly can I access the training?

Everything is available in our online training center. You’ll have immediate access after you order and set up your online account.

What if I have further questions? What if I have further questions?

You can contact our support desk anytime. Our dedicated full-time support team can be reached directly by clicking here.

How long is my membership for? How long is my membership for?

There are no upsells or hidden costs. Your membership is a one-time investment, and is good for the lifetime of the membership site.

Can I share the material or my login? Can I share the material or my login?

No. This training is offered on a per-user basis. Your account is yours alone. You can purchase the training for a team member, but your account is reserved for one IP address only. Therefore, while the purchase can be made by someone else, only one person can access the content. Access by more than one person can lock you out of the content.


What Others Are Saying About Blair Singer

“Blair Singer has been one of my very best friends for over 27 years. He is a great communicator, a great teacher and a great human being. Like he says, when it comes to winning, it’s all about mastering your “Little Voice.”

– Robert Kiyosaki
Rich Dad Poor Dad, author, teacher, and entrepreneur

“After listening to Blair’s ABC’s of Building a Business Team That Wins, on audio CD and implementing the principles he teaches, in the 12 months following period, I was able to grow my business by over 100%. Thank you, Blair.”

– Michael Catlow
The Michael Catlow Group

“Thanks to Blair Singer, I learned how to control my ‘Little Voice’ and grew my tax preparation and accounting practice from a part-time position grossing about $50,000 to a full-time $200,000+ business. And, I have some other potential business and deals in the pipeline that could easily bring in another $200,000. The best part is I made this happen by word of mouth alone. Blair Singer helps people realize their potential and to believe in themselves, even when nobody else does. I cannot thank him enough for the dramatic positive changes in my life and the life of my family.”

– Hal Burstein
CPA, Burstein Associates, LLC

“I used to tell myself all the reason why I would not deserve or even be able to achieve big and lofty goals. I had fallen into the trap of apathy and resigned myself to the fact that I would never really “make it.” After meeting Blair, this all changed. He immediately raised my game to a new level. I began to realize how detrimental my ‘Little Voice’ was and went on a mission to turn it around. I started to apply one tool after the other from Blair’s ‘Little Voice’ CD and increased my professional sales by a staggering 1000%. Thanks to Blair, today, I fearlessly approach all situations and work relentlessly towards finally achieving my life’s dreams and goals.”

– Bettina Horvath
Regional Developer SalesPartners Cape Region

“I accepted a new position as a coach/trainer which required me to present on stage and conduct cold-calls to follow up on possible leads. I was terrified to present and conduct workshops. Cold-calling was just as difficult for me. Needless to say, my conversion rate was zero. But that all changed once I began listening to your ‘Little Voice’ Management CD. I re-programmed my way of thinking and began taking positive action. Today, my conversion rate is 70% with another 20% converting to strong leads. And, I not only enjoy public-speaking, I have been very successful at it. Thank you for sharing your secrets for mastering my ‘Little Voice.'”

– Sean Chua
Chemistry Master trainer & author

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